IETLS Reading: Best IELTS institute in Tilak Nagar

IETLS Reading: Best IELTS institute in Tilak Nagar

Seek Academy is the pioneer in IELTS Training and commits its students to clear the exam in first attempt only. Seek Academy is located at an accessible location to provide comfort to the students and reaching us easily. Our exceptionally well trained staff makes sure to help the candidate to score the desired bands easily.


IELTS reading test takes one hour and contains 40 questions. The Academic IELTS contains 40 questions .The Academic test has 3 passages which gets harder from beginning to end .The number of questions are about 1-14 from a passage. The level of the reading test is of the college level but in depth knowledge is not necessary of the subject matter. We are supposed to combat two enemies here these are Time management and accuracy while we are appearing for the IELTS reading test. We are provided one hour and we must answer all these 40 questions in that time duration itself.


We don’t have extra time for transferring the answers from main sheet to the answer sheet .we must manage the time accordingly that don’t waste the time in identifying answer of one question only .we must learn to transfer answers while finding out the answers of the questions only.


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It gets possible when we have the familiarity with the question types and are able to solve the questions within the stipulated time .When we have already practiced the questions previously then we can locate the answers easily and effortlessly. Practicing the skill of skimming and scanning helps in the time management and gives accurate results.



Reading test in ielts requires the perfection in understanding the language given and answering it appropriately.


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