How to speak English with confidence

If you want to learn how to speak English fluently, but do not know from where to start? Then you are on the correct page, Seek Academy has well qualified teachers, special batches, and read the following tips to get confidence while speaking in English.


     1.   Believe in yourself: Don’t think people around you will make fun of you. Don’t get afraid of people. Just start believing in yourself.


     2.     Listen carefully: listen to English movies, news channels or daily soaps, whatever interests you. Listen carefully and try to comprehend and then use the sentences or words you have learnt in daily speaking.


     3.     English is everywhere: Keep your ears open. It is online videos, news channels or radio. So listen and build your vocabulary.


     4.     Find the answers in the questions: Reverse the questions and find the answers as questions are like mirrors. For example: is it? Yes it is. Does he? Yes he does.


     5.     Mirror is your best friend: Make mirror your best friend and speak to it in English and it will make you confident about what you are speaking and the way you are speaking.


     6.     Speak in sentences: Do not restrict yourself to speak only yes or no. Speak in full sentences and read full sentences. English is not different from your native language. So don’t get afraid of using full sentences while speaking or reading.


     7.     Do not worry about grammar: Keep calm. People who speak fluently make grammatical mistakes. So don’t get afraid of speaking in English. So what you have to do is stop worrying about grammar a bit and speak fluently.


     8.     Learn a new word a day: Keep a fear of new English words away. Find an English newspaper or a magazine and find a new word each day, look for the meaning and usage too.


     9.   Use the new words: Use the word before it leaves you. Use the new word immediately and feel confident about its usage.


    10. Practice makes a man perfect: There are no shortcuts in life. Practice is the key to success. Practice as much as you can and you start noticing a change in your speaking.



I hope these tips are helpful and you will become more confident speaking in English.


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