Key Challenges in Talent Acquisition

                   Smarter Talent Acquisition means better business.


Talent Acquisition is an art of applying different strategies in the process of finding the right candidate for the right job.


In this dynamic world where nothing remains the same and to keep up with the changes - even our hiring or talent acquisition process and strategies needs to be updated and evaluated. With all the advancements and changing picture of today’s market it is very essential to maintain a competent workforce for maintaining the competitive edge over others therefore hiring the right employees in an evolving talent pool is not the same as before but it is quite challenging.


In this article you will be reading about such challenges which are usually faced in Talent Acquisition.


After applying a lot of practical tools and strategies, our Manpower Solutions Agency - SEEK HR Solutions. has  completely transformed the process of identifying and attracting fantastic people. From recruiting and evaluating candidates, to training, motivating, and managing talented employees, we've scaled quickly and are consistently delivering the best talent acquisition/recruitment/manpower solutions services to our clients. These results can be measured by the quality of the team, their satisfaction, their longevity, and the agency's growth and profitability. I believe there's some element of our system that can help you hire the right people and oversee the challenges.


1. Competition: Well if we talk about start ups or small scale businesses the biggest challenge in talent acquisition is competing with the BIG Names in the industry or the market for the top talent. Big brands generally offers what the person as an employee wants which are better benefits, packages, higher salaries and other perks, but most importantly associating with them ultimately brings reputation and status which is prime. But, small businesses have advantages, too. The sooner you recognize what these are, the better youll be able to confront this challenge.


For Example - To make the candidates understand that your company is much less bureaucratic than those large organizations with thousands of employees. This allows them to work quicker and more efficiently. Its also likely that you offer more growth potential, which is exactly what many candidates desire.

2. Connecting with the Candidates:  This is one of the biggest Talent Acquisition challenges that employers/recruiters confront. Competition with other companies for the same candidate.Many of the top candidates youd want to hire might be getting offers from other companies as well, after all everyone runs after the best. After the assessment of the candidate once you have decided that he/she is a probable winner, there you should seek and employ few recruiting solutions to increase your chances.

For Example - Interview process can serve as a platform for connecting with the candidate by making it a two way process or conversation. In interview the employer can decide whether the candidate meet the requirements or not and can take the advantage by making attractive offers to have the candidate on board. In such case smart employers should make the interview a two-way rather than an interrogation and provide the candidates a chance to get all of their questions answered, as well as ask if any questions they may have for you.

OR Arranging an appointment with a senior team leader will also help your case. According to a study candidates appreciate meeting with a companys senior member, even if only briefly. Overall, make the interview a comfortable, enjoyable experience for the interviewee, but also ensure not to oversell your organization.


3. Finding Qualified Candidates: Another challenge in Talent acquisition which is frequently encountered during the hiring process is finding candidates that have the necessary set of skills/ competencies requisite for the opening. Depending on the specific needs of your business, it can be laborious to find a capable candidate who’s also the right fit. Even though you’ll always get a variety of application, including both some qualified and some not. As per our past hiring experience and process we should formulate few strategies or recruitment methods that we can efficiently implement to get the right pool of the right candidates.


Assessing and improving recruitment methods and strategies will help us in getting the right person and will eliminate the wastage of time, efforts and money on the wrong candidates.


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